Learn How to Earn 6 Figures as a Freight Broker.

The Vault is a private, niche Facebook group of committed individuals. The Vault offers countless hours of video from our weekly calls as well as discounts to our other products.

This course will teach you the fundamentals of brokering and give you the framework to ask more educated questions.

This mastermind will be 4 hours of instruction and grant you the ability to close customers IMMEDIATELY.

Private coaching consists of four 30-minute sessions with Jason Bauch. Each session will be recorded and provided to you to be as efficient as possible in these calls.

Message from Our Founder.

I have now moved countless tons of freight and made ridiculous amounts of money doing it. I always tell people that transportation is the only industry that I know of where high school graduates can consistently make a six-figure income and I’m going to show you how to start from scratch and grow your business into its own company.

Jason Bauch

President, Brokerz Edge

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