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About Brokerz Edge

Our founder Jason Bauch went from a dead-end job to a 6-figure income as a freight broker. With our training and your hard work, you can do the same.  


Simple Tasks for 6-Figure Success.

Take the Load

We train you how to efficiently and effectively find freight that needs to move.

Match the Carrier

We help you learn the ropes of locating the best carrier for the specific job type.

Service the Customer

We show you how to build a loyal customer base for a business that's built to last.


Our Formula for Success.


If you have the work ethic and drive to be your own boss, then you can harness our plan to earn a 6-figure income working from home.


Logistics–the core of our great nation–is the lifeblood that keeps our businesses, restaurants, and grocery stores thriving.


No matter what we are facing, the transportation industry never slows down. Complete our course to take command of your life.

Let us help you make a game plan for getting into this industry.

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