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About the Intro Course.

Brokerz Edge is dedicated to teaching you the ins and outs of being a broker, while unlocking your potential, and being a key component in the fast-paced world of logistics!

The course consists of easy to learn sections so that you, the student, can easily retain the information as well as use it as a quick reference for the future.

Basic Overview

Get the big picture of how freight brokers exist to fulfill the important service of connecting loads with high quality carriers.

Industry Vocabulary

Gain an understanding of the common key terms used in the logistics and transportation industries.

Freight Broker Functions

Know where your role begins and ends with the shipper, carrier, and end customer.


Be a great boss for yourself. When you call the shots, you want to be ten steps ahead of your competition.

Networking & Marketing

Build a rock solid network rooted in loyalty through exceptional service.

Transportation Laws & Regulations

Know the law. Above board operations are critical for your long-term success.


Advance toward your goals with sales essentials like brevity and clarity.

Pricing Structures

Map out clear, simple pricing models that are a win for shipper, carrier, customer, and you.

Foolproof Booking Strategies

Book loads as well as trucks with ease and predictability.

Contractual Agreements

Understand contract basics to protect your business and make things run smoothly with no surprises.

Your Inner Game

Address your inner game so that you can eliminate self-sabotage and claim the success you are meant for.

Fast Track

Learn the tricks that put you on the fast track toward success as a freight broker.


Introductory Offer $597 Regular Price $1897Introductory Offer $597 Regular Price $1897
  • 12-week Online Course

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